fermer la fenêtre

Forest untitled
Nico Vascellari
14 november 2010 at 10.30am

curator Marcello Smarrelli

The installation that Nico Vascellari coinceived for his exhibition on Vassivière island consists of a 60 minutes long tape loop obtained by assembling together pieces of all the albums of his collection with a forest on their cover.
The over 100 meters long tape is extended into the forest of Vassivière and played by a tape recorder.
Attached to the tape recorder is a device made by the artist that switches on and off alternativly the Record and Play functions, this way the sound of the tape loop will continuosly change combining at first the memories of the artist with the sound of forest till only the sound of the wood will remain.

Copyright: Aurélien Mole, Nico Vascellari

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