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Bend it till it breaks
Oscar Tuazon
15 november 2009 – 14 february 2010

Curator Chiara Parisi

The young american artist Oscar Tuazon is one of the most interesting, captivating and radical artists of his generation.

Oscar Tuazon’s work is characterized by his attention to everything that society throws away. Debris and recycled remains become the structure of his sculptures, where beams and planks of wood found in the street or on building sites, assembled with concrete, iron or steel, become the protagonists of his projects, infused with energy and tension that suggest deep meanings.

The exhibit Bend it till it breaks, which the artist himself translates as “try anything completely unknown”, is presented as an extreme experience for a place as unique as the Millevaches plateau where the Art center of Vassivière was opened in the 90s, a land that attracted and still attracts leading representatives of culture and philosophy.

Copyright: François Doury, Oscar Tuazon

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