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The walks, where creative people are invited to reflect on particular routes for visitors so that they can discover the less known spots of the Island and the land around it, is a balance between fiction and reality. The walks are programmed together with the Centre d'art but also in relation to the role of Vassivière Island as a place just for strolling. The public can touch, listen and circulate through a landscape interpreted by an artist.

Laura Erber

Rivages Laura Erber

Rivages de Laura Erber

To listen to at the lakeside

“River Banks was produced as a short sonorous walk open to fiction and the imagination, to stories and to memory. The walk that I propose is therefore mental and tries to interrogate the edges of places and the edges of narration, places that form and deform through voices and the waves of the sea that carry off and efface stories. River Banks was conceived as a short sonorous piece made of fragments of interviews held with the inhabitants of Limousin. The sound of the waves on a November morning on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) brings and effaces the voices, the words. The resulting space is thus neither a purely real nor a purely imaginary space, but one that navigates between these two poles as if between two uncertain river banks.” (Laura Erber)

This walk is related to the exhibit Open Contour by Laura Erber, presented at the Centre international d'art et du paysage from 15 May to 10 July 2005.

Marco Boggio Sella

Marco Boggio Sella


Through a work with sounds open to fiction and the imagination, to stories and memories, Marco Boggio Sella proposes a mental walk to visitors to the exhibit.
The stroll proposed by Marco Boggio Sella explores in depth the universe of Ennio Morricone with his taste for classical writing and the opposite, strings entwined and incongruous instruments, obsessive percussions and angelical voices.

Parallel to his exhibit Dreams and nightmares of the African cosmonauts presented from 4 March to 8 July 2007, with this walk Marco Boggio Sella creates new sound territory.

Nico Dockx et Building transmissions


Hubert Duprat

Le chercheur d'or

Jean-Baptiste Decavèle et Nicolas Gerber

Liebe max

Rosa Barba

Who can tell

Etienne Chambaud

Une visite au Louvre

Bethan Huws

Black and White Animals