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The Castle


BuildingBuilding and Berger&Berger

''Notus Loci'' – architectural project:

''From one area to another and according to what’s on the programme, Vassivière Castle offers intriguing changes of climate: different heat sources with different levels of proximity to the visitor. Ceiling heating in the restaurant, a heated bench in the lobby, underfloor heating in the studio… The studio is an abstract space that runs through the existing building without seeking to imitate its identity. The quality of the artists’ residence hinges on the studio’s capacity to become a platform receptive to different types of practice, to generate a different kind of relationship with landscape and to invent new points of reference for our production space. The studio is not defined by specific functions; rather it is subject to a host of changing ambiences and the innovative practices they trigger. This is a public space giving onto the grounds in an atmospheric continuum with the island: a white, modern space reworked by the density of the local climate. Notus Loci operates a switch: the white space of the gallery is that of production, while the neo-medieval wilderness is that of everyday life. Living in a working and exhibition space as if it were a landscape. The residence is an individual and/or group isolation space given over to work on art projects. Notus Loci spreads in the manner of a draught in the Vassivière Castle.''

Text: Berger&Berger ; Translation: John Tittensor



Thomas Raynaud has graduated from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and established his office in 2005 under the name BuildingBuilding. www.buildingbuilding.org


Laurent P. Berger, visual artist graduated from ENSAD and Cyrille Berger, architect graduated from ENSAPLV have been collaborating since 2006 under the name Berger&Berger. www.berger-berger.com

Pluridisciplinary engineer:

Saunier & associés


Limousin Regional Council

Project financed by the Limousin Regional Council

with the support of the ministry of Culture and Communications / Drac Limousin


Published by Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’Île de Vassivière

‘‘Notus Loci’’ publication, available at the Art Centre bookshop - price: 8 €