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Residencies opening

Saturday the 1st of October at 17:30



Meeting with the artists in the castle

-  Sabrina Chou: http://www.sabrinachou.com

- Riccardo Giacconi: http://riccardogiacconi.com

- Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh: http://www.ciaranodochartaigh.org


The programme is made possible through the generous support of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region and the Ministry of Culture and Communication - Nouvelle Aquitaine Region Cultural Affairs Office (DRAC); Arts Council Northern Ireland / British Council Northern Ireland. 

Next residence planned for 2017
The call(appeal) to application(candidacy) will be thrown(launched) via our newsletter at the end of the year on 2016
Next residence planned for 2017:
The call for application will be published in our newsletter

Photo: Notus Loci, restoration of Vassivière castle by Berger&Berger and BuildingBuilding.
© Thomas Raynaud