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Open call for application

Residency in partnership with FLORA ars+natura, Bogota, Colombie


4 months between June and October 2017 


Colombian artist and researcher seeking a residency are invited to submit a research and creation project exploring a landscape marked by its environmental and social history (agricultural work, botanical traditional knowledge, rural customs, but also country planning, the use of energy resources – hydroelectric production, planted pine wood industry, mining programmes…). The object of this residency is to develop a reflexion at the crossroads of art and environment, which is a common approach of Vassivière and FLORA ars+natura.


Final application date : 2nd of January 2017 inclusive

To receive the call for application: 


The programme is made possible through the generous support of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region and the Ministry of Culture and Communication - Nouvelle Aquitaine Region Cultural Affairs Office (DRAC); Institut Français 

Next residence planned for 2017
The call(appeal) to application(candidacy) will be thrown(launched) via our newsletter at the end of the year on 2016
Other residence planned for 2017:
The call for application will be published in our newsletter in 2017

Photo: Notus Loci, restoration of Vassivière castle by Berger&Berger and BuildingBuilding.
© Thomas Raynaud