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Research and creation residencies

The Centre international d’art et du paysage is launching in October 2012, a new programme of artists' residencies in the Castle on Vassivière Island, renovated by architects Berger&Berger and BuildingBuilding. The renovation project was financed by the Limousin Region and the Ministry of Culture and Communication – Limousin Region Cultural Affairs Office (DRAC).

The singular history of Lake Vassivière, the striking character of this artificial island's landscape, the cultural assets of the Limousin Region and the superb renovation of this new space combine to provide a remarkable setting for artists and researchers, for reflection and experimentation.

The castle – home to the artists' residency programme organised by the art centre as a complement to the exhibitions and the Sculpture Wood – is intended to foster inspiration and the shaping of projects in a time frame marked by shifting seasons and climates.

Artists and researchers seeking a residency are invited to submit a research and creation project linked to the landscape and/or the history of the Art Centre site.

Residencies are granted for seasons of four months (16 weeks). Each season is open to three residents who are free to work together should they so desire.

For the year 2014-2015 the residency calendar is as follows:

7th season: 19 January - 12 June 2015
(final application date: Monday 8 December 2014 inclusive)

8th season : 22 June - 9 October 2015
(final application date: Monday 6 April 2015 inclusive)

9th season : 19 October 2015 - 5 February 2016

The residencies are open to three artists and/or researchers applying separately or as a group in the following domains:

  • Visual arts: Professional visual artists, for a research and experimentation project preparatory to an exhibition in another venue, or wishing to explore new work methods and emphases.
  • Writing: Writers, anthropologists, art critics, storytellers, philosophers, film directors, etc. are invited to apply with an experimentally-inflected writing and research project – possibly in association with a publisher, university, theatre, festival, etc.
  • Other disciplines: Landscapers, ethnobotanists, architects, designers, graphic designers, choreographers, etc. are invited to apply with a research and creation project, possibly as part of a coproduction with another cultural body, university, art school, etc.   

Selection process

Selection will hinge on the relevance of the applicant's project.

The panel will be made up of representatives of the Art Centre and its financial partners (Limousin DRAC, Limousin Region), a previous resident and independent professionals.

Successful applicants will be informed immediately. Other applicants will be informed by email.

To apply for 7th season download the call for application: www.ciapiledevassiviere.com/en/actualites_evenements.aspx
Final application date: Monday 8 December 2014 inclusive

Additional information, you may contact:
Guillaume Baudin, Exhibitions and Residencies Coordinator

Photo: Notus Loci, restoration of Vassivière castle by Berger&Berger and BuildingBuilding.
© Thomas Raynaud